Scrappers Speak Out!


2 thoughts on “Scrappers Speak Out!

  1. Would need either a diferent day or another (longer) time. Could we have a longer time slot?

    I have 3 kids, each w/ a different day of evening practice for soccer. Games are Saturdays and/or Fridays. (We do not play ball on Sundays.) We also have 2 weekly evenings of church, one day (Wed. only) that I can give up.
    Proposal for several options to increase attendance:
    1. Extend the meeting time. Possible 4pm – 8pm. I could come anytime between 4pm-5:45pm. Others who work (like a 1st shift job) can come 6pm-8pm. This could be any day of the week (M-F).
    2. if 4 continuous hours are not available, break up the 4hrs. Using the our original Tuesday scheduled day, we could meet 12/12:30pm – 2/2:30pm to catch those who are retired, work 2nd or 3rd shift, stay at home moms, etc. Then on the same Tuesday, have an evening session
    catching those who are currently attending.
    3. Have a Saturday session 4-5hrs. Come anytime that works for you.

    • I could come during the daytime. It is hard for me to come at night for right now because my son need to be in bed at 7:30pm.

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