Changes for 2012

The past year was tremendous in terms of interest in programming here at the Kernersville Branch. There was also a boom in the ways in which people heard about the various events. The e-newsletter, online sign-up form, TV screen slide show, online event registration calendar, and blog were all launched in 2011. Perhaps that was why I was so tired?! šŸ™‚

2012Ā is bringingĀ changes for all library branches in Forsyth County that will make some of the above notification methods unnecessary. I will now be able to post news articles and program information directly to our branch web site ( There is a new systemwide email newsletter that will begin in the next couple of months. This will be sent from the Central Library and highlight events throughout the library system. The software will allow many more people to be reached than my current setup.

The items that will be discontinued at this timeĀ are: the adult programming monthly e-newsletter andĀ the online event registration calendar. The weekly children & teens events newsletter will be continued at this time. Register for events by calling the branch 703-2930 or sending an email to

What do you think?

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